• Classified advertising is a great way of advertising for advertisers as well as users who are searching for a job of different types. There are millions of people who search job daily on the internet and most of them arrives on jobs websites and many of them arrives on classifieds websites because these days classified websites contains different types of jobs for all types of candidates whether they are highly educated or not.

    Well, education is the most important factor so finding job based on education level is quite easy on jobs websites but on classified websites the process is entirely different. People having knowledge of certain field can apply for a job and get an opportunity to work online or offline. There are many companies who like to post free ads on free classifieds because they often find the best suitable candidates as per their desire.

    Finding jobs on classified sites is quite easy, if you will compare with the jobs websites you will find classifieds advertising equally useful but in some way the jobs websites might stand a chance to win but that can be covered by the premium feature of a classified website. Most classified advertising sites offers a premium ad for them who are searching for a job opportunity quite easily but there are many websites which offers an easy way to promote ads.

    Searching a job is quite easy on either site whether you are searching job on jobs websites or classified website. On jobs website you will require to create your profile based on your profile you will get opportunity for getting a job on the internet. classifieds websites on another hand offers a simple way to offer a job as well as search a job. Those who are looking for a sales jobs should search in the search box using ‘sales jobs’ term.

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  • Classifieds websites enable their registered users to buy and sell items and services in varied categories. Most importantly it is free too. There is no need to pay any registration fees to create an account on such sites. Such websites have a lot of categories in which registered users can buy and sell anything. Some of the common categories that these websites provide are electronics, books, clothes, mobiles, vehicles, real estate, and jobs. Another great plus is that the users can sell used items on such websites too.

    The registered users who want to sell a product or service need to log in to their account and click the sell option. When that page opens, choose the category of the item to be sold is of. Next, fill in the details in the details section and upload the photographs. The photographs added should be of good quality and of different angles.

    Once this is done, click on the submit button and the advertisement is placed on the site. This advertisement will now show up in the search results of the buyers who are looking for this category of item. Then, interested buyers contact the seller. The contact details of the seller are displayed on the page of the advertisement itself. Then both the seller and the buyer finalize the deal.

    It is very easy to buy and sell anything on such a free classifieds site. With lakhs of registered users, finding a buyer for your item on sale is hassle-free. One just needs to have a registered account and place the classified and then wait for prospective buyers to contact for the purchase. Even for used goods, a lot of potential customers are available in such sites. Buyers too have a convenient way to purchase new and used things via these websites.

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  • A well-known and established online platform with over a decade of global presence, OLX is a name to reckon with. In this portal, one can post free ads to sell products or services. The products advertised to be sold can be new as well as old. With the possibility to sell in a wide range of categories and sub-categories, OLX has become a household name in India and in around 90 countries globally. This online giant is based out of Argentina. The creation of an account in OLX is simple with a simple registration process. There are no fees involved.

    There are a number of categories in OLX through which items and services can be offered. Each category is further divided into sub-categories. In the case of job postings in OLX Chennai, there are hundreds of job postings. Additionally, the job searchers can search the type of job they are searching for by using the filter available in the search. For example, if the job searcher is looking for a job of five years of experience, they in the options of work experience, the searcher can write five. When the search results display the results, only those jobs with five years of work experience will show up.

    You can search for options of jobs from amongst many other parameters too. Stating an example, if you are just out of college and need a job, then in the search options filters, choose zero years. The same method goes for the various other parameters too. The other filters include the salary range, locations, position type (full-time, part-time, freelancer etc).

    Free classifieds for the various job postings can be easily be posted by anyone on OLX after the creation of an account. The operation of the site is not complicated at all. Just keep all the information complete and genuine. The applicants to the jobs can apply to the jobs by contacting the concerned recruiter at the contact details provided. Sites like Quora and Mouthshut have opinions of registered users of OLX give their opinions about the job search option on OLX.

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  • There’s so much that we have that we don’t use, and that is really a key problem to control our country’s waste burden. The best thing one can do is try to sell what you don’t want on OLX. This goes particularly to folks in Chennai, as there are many people in the city of Madras that love stocking up unused things.

    Why waste a good pair of sneakers or your old mobile phone, when you can start selling on OLX in Chennai. There are always dozens of people trying to find stuff that is useful, and they tend to hover on the free classifieds. Well, OLX Chennai is the best web page to find free classifieds filled with thousands of items.

    So, if you want to sell something and you live in Chennai, don’t go anywhere else. Stay at your home and start selling on OLX.in. There are some easy steps that can help you sell your stuff on OLX Chennai.

    Here are the steps -
    ●    Sign up to a seller account on OLX
    ●    Select Chennai as your region
    ●    Fill your personal details
    ●    Add details of the item you want to sell
    ●    Enter the information for transactions
    ●    Upload pictures of the item
    ●    Mention the uses of the item in Description
    ●    Review your Ad and post it in the free classifieds section

    Selling on OLX in Chennai is free for users, but you can also sign up with a premium offer to get easy customers. This offer works for merchants and resellers. Once you’ve posted your ad, keep visiting the page to see what people are interested in. You can try to modify your ads by changing the tags or even adding more relevant words that help you crack a deal.

    Once a buyer is interested, you’d get a notification followed by a call. The buyer would visit you to inspect the item, and based on how the buyer likes your product, a transaction will be made.

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  • To become a content writer, you should follow these below steps because in these steps you will learn what exactly can make you a good content writer. You can also increase your ability of understanding and with the help of these steps you can become a successful content writer. Before you start reading this you should know that to become a content writer you need to have patience because this is not a quick thing to learn.

    First you should read as many articles or blogs as you can so that you could understand how most content writers write content for publishing them online. There are several ways you can find tutorials online and also you can search content writing learning classes on free classifieds where there are no restrictions of any type. You can find best classes to learn content writing and once you learn it you can start writing professionally.

    Most people often use classified websites to find content writers so in that case if you plan to provide content writing services online then you can post free ads on these types of classified websites. You can search for other classified websites as well because when you will complete your learning, you might require a couple of different ways to find either job or freelance work. Many people often search for a freelance content writer which you can offer your services them on classifieds.

    Before you start writing any content you should be careful about few things, writing good title which is very important because title only impress the visitors to read your content. The second one is to check your content with plagiarism and copyscape to avoid any mistakes in writing because when you are writing content for you client then you should keep content unique. Most people would use content for their website or publishing content using guest posts.

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